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stick with it and stay the course

It’s time to stick with it. Time to Stay The Course

Here we are in mid-February and if you’re like most of us, you made new years resolutions that are getting old already. If so, and you’re still trying to keep your promises to yourself even a little bit, congratulations! Well done!

Now is a crucial time for you, it’s time to stick with it, time to stay the course. Of course, this is probably the most difficult time too. You may feel like you’ve been plugging away for an eternity already and you’re not seeing Hollywood style transformational results. You may have also started to slide a bit on your commitments to yourself. This is perfectly normal and it’s OK. What’s not OK is throwing in the towel, but how do you bolster your flagging enthusiasm?

One thing you can do is reflect and reset expectations. Look back and notice the little changes that have taken place, they are there. Maybe you have a little more energy than you did, maybe you’re smiling more, maybe you didn’t catch every cold that came around this year. Maybe you aren’t actually dreading work, the gym, your boss, whatever the way you used to. If you use a journal, this progression can be easy to see. Reset your expectations to account for the less visible, but essential transformations that are part of the change process.

Another thing you can do is celebrate yourself. Congratulate yourself for beginning, for making it this far. If you’re still in but you’re not as diligent as when you started, don’t beat yourself up, pat yourself on the back for not giving up completely like you may have done before. 

If you need to make slight alterations to your plans to achieve your overall goals, this is the time to do it. You now have about six weeks of data under your belt and you know more about what does and doesn’t work for you. Whatever you do though, Stay The Course; that large transformation is closer now than you think.

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Paula Coviello
I am a Professional Certified Coach [ICF] who helps men and women move to the next level in their careers and their lives. I come from the corporate world and have held leadership positions in many diverse areas such as IT, human resources, customer service, and legal departments for various corporations around the United States. I also co-owned a restaurant and catering business with my husband before finally realizing that coaching was what really inspired me.