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Stay the course. Silence your inner critic

Silence the Inner Critic & Stay the Course.

It’s uphill, muscles aching, feeling tired. Conflicts within; give up or stay the course? Which voice speaks the loudest? The one I listen to!   

“Stay the course” means to pursue a goal regardless of obstacles or criticism. To continue something until it is finished or until I achieve what I planned. 

Easier said than done, that is! Pause. Rest if I must. Remember why I started. Visualize. What will it look like when I reach the top? How will I feel? Identify internal triggers that energize me.   

“The Little Engine That Could”* teach me the value of optimism. I know I can. I know I can.

Resilience. Onward. Do as I said I would do. Mental focus. Regulate my emotions. Silence the negative self-talk.   

It’s still uphill. Muscles still aching. Still feeling tired. Stay the course. Breathe. Remember why I started. Silence the inner critic. Move forward one step at a time. What will I do when I reach the top? How will I celebrate? I wonder what the world will look like.

Think resourcefully. Act accordingly. Leverage. Take a strength-based approach. Focus on what energizes.  

Self-control. Almost there. A few more steps. Focus on what needs to be done next. 

Made it! Reached the plateau. What a view! What a feeling! How could I not do this? How could I even consider giving up?  

Accomplished. Made it happen. Internally motivated. What a feeling! I stayed the course. 

by Bibi Ohlsson | Evoking Excellence | Human Capacity Building

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* The Little Engine That Could is an American fairytale. The little engine saves the day by multiple attempts and a “Can Do” attitude to keep trying. The story became widely known in the United States after publication in 1930 by Platt & Munk. 

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