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1 #Resolution You Need to Change

1 #Resolution You Need to Change

This year is coming to a close and soon we’ll be preparing to celebrate with New Year’s celebrations everywhere. With the new year come new year’s resolutions. Resolutions are nothing new. The ancient Babylonians had New Year’s resolutions 4000 years ago. An article I read said that over one third of the population makes New Year’s resolutions but only 8% follow through on them. Anybody who works at a gym can verify these numbers just by noting the difference in attendance between January and March.

Today I was sitting in front of my computer, wondering what I could say about resolutions in a brief post that might really help. As a coach, I have A LOT of ideas on the subject, but how to condense and focus them into something that’s achievable and not a complete platitude was another thing altogether. After thinking for a few minutes, I did what I usually do- I googled “resolution” to see what sparked.

This was one of the first things that came up: “Change your screen resolution”. This! This is everything.

Change your perception, view things differently, look at yourself and the world around you through a different lens- Change Your Screen Resolution.

One of the reasons a lot of resolutions don’t stick is because they don’t account for the mental component of behavior change. If I join a gym but hate myself for the way I look, I’m likely to feel that other members are judging me and quit going. If I promise to eat only the “right” foods but ignore the underlying reasons why I ate the bad ones in the first place, I’m unlikely to succeed. If I approach my resolutions with an all or nothing attitude, I’ll almost certainly fail.

Current information shows the importance of mindset in achieving lasting change, yet mindset is not usually considered when we make resolutions. The nature of most resolutions is skewed toward self-discipline and willpower. However, studies show that instead of relying on willpower to avoid the bad, we must actively embrace the good. Organizational Psychologist Benjamin Hardy says, “If you change your input, you can change your output, so stop putting all the pressure on yourself and start paying attention to everything around you.”

What if next year, we change our “screen resolution” to one of gratitude, understanding, and kindness? What if we treat ourselves gently, encouraging small, lasting positive change? What if we finally break through and achieve more than we thought possible because we created our own supportive environment? 

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by Paula Coviello | Beechtree Coaching & Consulting

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