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#RECHARGE: try a little gardening

by Paula Coviello | Beechtree Coaching & Consulting

This month at CoachDrop.in we are thinking about recharging our batteries. Taking vacations and much needed rest are great ways to help rejuvenate ourselves but there are other things we can do to recharge our minds and bodies too. 

I made a nice list of ideas on revitalization and then I realized that one activity can knock out most of the list. 

What’s the wonder activity? Gardening.

Working in a garden shows up on many lists as a soothing activity all on its own, but when you think through all the other potential benefits, it blows you away. Grounding, where you reconnect with the earth, nature, or childhood by walking outside barefoot or playing in the dirt — check. Exercise, which leads to more sleep — check and check. Planning and creating, which really rev up your mental systems, are also satisfied by laying in a garden, as well as the positive feelings that come from hopefulness and looking forward to the future.

What you do with your mind while gardening can amp up its benefits even higher. Take a break from certain technology (your phone charges faster when you’re not using it and so do you). Focus your attention to the real world around you to quiet your judgmental left brain. Conversely, daydream and don’t feel bad about it. Developing new conceptual images of accomplishment and happiness creates new neural pathways in your brain, giving you more hardware to work with mentally. Reconnect with God, or whatever spirituality you connect with, and practice gratitude to feel fully alive.

When you start harvesting your garden you can still gain two more recharging benefits, changing your diet, and giving. Your energy levels are greatly impacted by your diet and eating fresh, natural food is on everyone’s to-do list. When you grow more than you need, you can give the bounty to those around you. Giving to those around you has been linked to health benefits like reducing anxiety and stress, according to a recent brain study.

Next time you want to #recharge your system, try a little gardening, you just might reap more than you sow.

Paula Coviello
I am a Professional Certified Coach [ICF] who helps men and women move to the next level in their careers and their lives. I come from the corporate world and have held leadership positions in many diverse areas such as IT, human resources, customer service, and legal departments for various corporations around the United States. I also co-owned a restaurant and catering business with my husband before finally realizing that coaching was what really inspired me.