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Master New Beginnings and Time in 5 Minutes a Day

Master New Beginnings and Time in 5 Minutes a Day

Time is intangible; it cannot be touched or seen. Or can it? Personally, I like to think that we can make time touchable, feel-able, see-able. Tangible. Memorable. What do you think? Stay with me and let us think together. Read on and learn how you can master new beginnings and time in 5 minutes a day.

I live by the Gulf of Mexico, and every single day we have a unique, magnificent sunset. Most of the days, I just notice it without paying too much attention. Other days I intentionally take a moment to enjoy the sun setting in the Gulf, the pelicans flying by, the dolphins swimming, the silence: the beauty. Those moments when I am fully present are easier to recall. It feels like the time spent is tangible because I can remember those moments. Feel, touch, and see what the time was like.

Savoring the afterglow

Let’s dig a little deeper to fully understand how adding savoring – an extra layer to experience – can make the time spent doing something even more tangible. In my case, the thing is that not only is the sunset itself exceptional, but the afterglow can indeed be something else! So I can enhance the positive experience more by fully appreciating it and not being rushed. By slowing down and focusing my attention – savoring the afterglow – I can increase the enjoyment of the experience. I am much more likely to remember the time spent. Again, time becomes tangible. 

Buy time  

The measure of hours per day is equally distributed between us. Yet, some people find they have too much time and struggle to fill their day with meaningful activities, while others stay busy and find there is not enough time. If you find yourself in either one of those two categories, I’d like to suggest that you find a more sustainable way to deliberately use your time. Simply because, if we keep wasting our time, by not knowing how to use it, we will, at one point, realize that it has passed away before we knew it was passing. And that’s not a good feeling. How can you buy time and avoid lulling ourselves into a trance of passivity or busyness?

I do it by getting to know my day. 

Get to know the day

One of my daily routines is ‘getting to know my day,’ and I do it while enjoying my morning coffee. I think about how I want to contribute, what I want to focus my attention on and how I want to feel by the end of the day. And I remind myself about the importance of being intentional, present, and to savor each moment. My morning routine helps me to live more intentionally, spend my day wisely, and makes time memorable. I can see, hold and touch time when I wrap up my day in the evening.

“We are not given a short life, but we make it short, and we are not ill-supplied but wasteful of it… Life is long if you know how to use it.”

Seneca, Roman Philosopher

Every day is a new beginning. What would change if you spent your time in such a way that you could touch, hold, feel, and see it?

by Bibi Ohlsson, Human Capacity Building | Evoking Excellence
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