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5 Steps to #DESIGN Your Best Life

It’s been quite a few years since I was in school, but the end of summer still makes me feel like something new is getting ready to start. Maybe it’s the back to school habit or maybe it’s the rest and recharge I’ve gotten on vacation, but I start thinking about who I want to be and what I want my life to look like at this time of year. For me, this is a great time to #Design my life.

There are a lot of fun options out there to help you get a picture of what you want in life, like vision boards or Pinterest dream boards. Of course, the final vision is only the first step of your #Design, you’re also going to need to have a plan for what steps you’ll need to take to get to your dream life. Goal setting worksheets can help with structuring your plan.

The key things that you’ll need on your worksheet are:

  1. A clearly defined goal- “I want to travel” isn’t as actionable as “I want to fly to London in September and will circle round to Cardiff, up to Edinburgh, and back to London over the course of 2 weeks.
  2. Milestones to achieve- Book flights, book lodging, arrange transport, identify things to do/see.
  3. Resources needed to complete the project- travel agent, money, weekly dedicated planning time.
  4. Mini (short term) goal deadlines, because bite sized pieces are much easier to manage- “I will watch for flights beginning in March, book one by June 30, list 3 possible Airbnb’s or other lodging per location by July 15, book lodgings by August 1.”
  5. Mid and longer-term goals- 3, 6, and 9-month goals are usually very effective. You’ll want to have these lined up because once you start knocking off goals, you’ll get addicted to the habit of achievement.

There are many worksheet templates on the web that you can use, and they are all similar. Since this is your life that you’re designing and not just a project, make sure that some of your goals are centered around being and not just doing. You could make a plan to practice gratitude every morning, learn something new, or use positive self-affirmations. You could also include things like writing for 30 minutes a day, connecting with people one on one, or just daydreaming if you want to have a more relaxed life. The possibilities are nearly endless.

What will your life look like by next summer?

by Paula Coviello |Beechtree Coaching & Consulting

Paula Coviello
I am a Professional Certified Coach [ICF] who helps men and women move to the next level in their careers and their lives. I come from the corporate world and have held leadership positions in many diverse areas such as IT, human resources, customer service, and legal departments for various corporations around the United States. I also co-owned a restaurant and catering business with my husband before finally realizing that coaching was what really inspired me.