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4 Steps for New Beginnings

4 Steps for New Beginnings

What do you think of when you think of new beginnings? Is it a new job, a new home, a new year? 

My family moved from state to state quite a bit throughout my life, so I’ve had quite a few opportunities for new beginnings. Some of them have been good and others less so, but they’ve all been exciting and scary at the same time. All of them entailed quite a bit of daydreaming about what my future life might be like. None of them was what I had expected, but all of them forced me out of my comfort zone and led to unforeseen personal growth.

One thing I learned along the way was that these new beginnings didn’t have to be so big to provide the growth. The key was leaving my comfort zone and adapting new mindsets. When you move to a new place and have to find work and build new friendships, you have no choice but to put yourself out there, but there’s very little stopping you from stepping outside your comfort zone just because you want to mix things up a little in your current situation. You can absolutely start self-improvement goals every New Year’s Day, but you can also start on March 23rd. You can start that new eating plan on Monday but Wednesday at 4:30pm is just as good. You can have a poor attitude when you go to bed on Thursday night and decide to have a better one on Friday morning. You can change your life in nearly every way by taking a few simple steps, simple but not always easy. 

  • You’d be wise to start with a small change at first. As they say, you can’t eat an elephant all in one sitting. You might think of a goal you’ve been wanting to achieve and determine what has gotten in your way in the past- this roadblock could very well be the small thing you want to change at first. 
  • When you’ve figured out the change you want to target, daydream about what your life might be like if you succeed. Make yourself some detailed notes that can remind you how you expect the new you to feel (your why). You’ll refer to these notes when you’re considering backsliding. 
  • Use meditation, enlist a supportive friend, or hire a coach to check in regularly and keep you positively accountable. 
  • DECIDE that you are this new person and act the way this person would act. This last one may sound odd, but I can assure you it is extremely important. It’s not quite “fake it until you make it” but in a world where attitude is everything, perception becomes truth.

These four steps are very simplified, and you may want to work with a certified coach for complex goals or major changes, but these can help you start to create a new beginning for yourself.

by Paula Coviello, Beechtree Coaching

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Paula Coviello
I am a Professional Certified Coach [ICF] who helps men and women move to the next level in their careers and their lives. I come from the corporate world and have held leadership positions in many diverse areas such as IT, human resources, customer service, and legal departments for various corporations around the United States. I also co-owned a restaurant and catering business with my husband before finally realizing that coaching was what really inspired me.