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10 questions that can help you reach life balance

by Jackie Harder | Key Dynamics Coaching & Consulting

Does your life feel out of whack? Do you feel like you go, go, go at breakneck speed and no amount of sleep or relaxation brings you back up to par?

We all know that work-related stress, left unaddressed, can lead to serious health consequences. To help ease that stress, some companies have stepped forward with programs to help cope with work-life balance, a phrase that first showed up about 20 years ago.

Flex everything – time, space, career and leaves – job sharing, on-site day care, in-house holistic therapies such as Reiki and massage, and even concierge services (hiring someone to go out and do all those errands that eat into staffers’ free time) are among the solutions that have all been tried.

If these work-life balance programs are implemented, they do work. But not every company has management’s buy-in. And in small companies, as in “one person does it all,” flex-anything is even more difficult to implement. The will may be there, but often the money is not.  

So, when it comes to creating work-life balance, most of us are on our own.

If you feel you need better balance in your life, ask yourself the following questions. Be sure to write down your answers and add the date for comparison moving forward.

  1. How am I taking care of myself?  List as many as you can. 
  2. What three areas are causing the most stress? Generally, this will come top of mind. If you struggle coming up with an answer, chances are good that – on some level – you’re in denial.
  3. How can I get rid of that stress altogether? Yes, it can be done.
  4. Who or what steals my energy? This can be at home, work, volunteer efforts, etc.  
  5. What can I do to change that? You do have that power. In fact, you are the only one who does. 
  6. What 10 things give me enormous pleasure? 
  7. How can I do more of those things? You may have to schedule these things as “appointments” with yourself. Sounds crazy, but it works. 
  8. What more can I do to take care of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health?
  9. Who are five people that I can turn to for support? These can be friends, family, work colleagues and so on. Or they can be people you pay – a house cleaner, babysitter, or a yard person, for example. 
  10. What 10 things do I need to release to get the most enjoyment out of my life? Sometimes these “things” are “people.” Be sure you surround yourself with people who want the best for you. If you can’t, limit your time with the Negative Neds as much as possible. It could also be that you’re laboring under self-limiting beliefs that were instilled in you long ago.

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